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Developing EJ

Developing EJ

How EJ is moving and developing over time.

As the electricity prices rise and so does the river behind my house it was time to take the plants home again and reduce the variation to a more select range. We have some really special plants in just now from Krome gardens, Ree gardens and Tezula. My Mr. Tomo is also always on looking for the latest coolest plants for you guys in Indonesia. 



After some inspiration for a lovely friend I met in Spain, I thought more about designing and making plant and leaf based jewellery. I always wanted some monstera earrings but most were not to my taste and so the jewellery collection began. At the moment we are looking into a brand new collection dominated by moss agate. A beautiful stone with mineral inclusions that look just like moss. 


The jewellery is in it´s test phase so if you love it please support us by buying yourself a little treat or a present for a friend. Links are on the homepage and in the menu.


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