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Shipping policy

How do you send (package) the plants?

  • Dependent on the type of plant, size etc the plant is delivered in either a plastic pot, moss or perlite. The plants are wrapped in paper and taped to the cardboard box to minimize movement inside the box.
  • If it´s cold outside we recommend you to request (at an additional cost) the plant to be shipped with a heat pack - this can be added into your basket and you can find them in postage supplies.
  • We do not recommend that plants are shipped if the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius and will not refund or replace plants that are frozen if the buyer insists on shipping in these temperatures.


What's your guarantee for your plants?

  • We do expect our plants to be strong and healthy when they arrive, so please contact us if you have any issues.  We would be more than happy to help. Any damaged leaves etc will not be compensated for as long as the plant is healthy and will recover. Plants may not be perfect when shipped. There is an option of picking up the plants in person on request. 


What's your return policy?

  • Please see our Refund Policy  for our returns.


What if I find bugs on the plants?

  • We make sure that the plants are bug free before sending them. Any problems with bugs needs to be reported back to us, unconditionally, no later than 24 hours after receiving the plant.


Which payment options do you have?

  • Our payment options are provided via Shopify. It is currently possible to pay using most common credit & debit cards and Google Pay.


Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes. However, due to potential prolonged shipment times, international shipment is at buyers risk. 


Does your plant come with a plant passport?

  • Yes. Plants shipped within EU comes with an EU plant passport, and plants shipped outside of EU also comes with a phytosanitary certificate (PC).

Delivery Policy

  • We package the plant to minimize impact of handling during shipment
  • All plants come with an EU plant passport (and phytosanitary certificate (PC) if buying outside of the EU). The cost is included in the shipping to your country.
  • We will attempt to deliver the ordered products to the address stated by you during CHECKOUT, using standard procedures by common couriers.
  • Any delivery time stated in order confirmations, dispatch notes or otherwise, is a best estimate only. Normal delivery time (depending on service level ordered) will 2-8 days. International shipment will take longer.
  • It will be noted in the product description if a certain product has a later shipment date.
  • The delivery charges will be displayed during CHECKOUT and will be paid by you.
  • We are not accountable for any delivery problems occurring due to the postal service or inclement weather. Especially international shipment is at buyers risk.
  • We do not advise to post any plants below 5 degrees without any form of insulation. It is at the buyers risk that plants can be damaged due to the weather conditions. If you live in a cold area, you are welcome to pick up the plant from us directly (contact us at or buy a heat-pack and thermal shipping options with your plant.
  • If the actual package is damaged in the post, please make sure the post office in your country record the damage, take a photo and send it to us with your order number. If the post service agrees to replace your item we will send out a new one or a refund.
  • It is your responsibility to pick-up your delivery from a delivery point as soon as possible when receiving a delivery notification.
  • Shipping plants is stressful for the plant and while it is completely normal that they drop leaves, we do expect them to recover. 


  • Product Guarantee - Plants
  • We only deliver plants that are strong and healthy. It is the buyers responsibility to care for the plants, have knowledge if it is a specific rare plant and know about the plant´s requirements. For example, letting the plant acclimatise to your conditions, making sure it has the right conditions to survive etc. There is also a larger with risk with an unrooted cutting or very small plant. 
  • Some plants are not exactly as in the photos and this is normally  mentioned in the description, though the plant you receive will be of a similar size and quality.
  • All plants are sent in plastic pots, moss or perlite, not the pots in the photos.
  • We reserve the right for mistakes in either pricing or plant or product description, even the plant name. We do our best, however, to ensure that these are right from the start.