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Grab yourself a mystery box containing plants or cuttings  worth at least the amount or over the price of the box. Hidden within these boxes are some super rare plants worth alot more than your box! Will you win the lottery? 

Hidden in 3 “Super Rare” 500:- boxes are….

  • Alocasia Frydek Variegata (corm)
  • Epipremnum Yellow Flame Cutting
  • Philodendron Pedatum Cutting 

Hidden in 3 Super Rare 1000:- boxes are….

  • Anthurium Brownii Variegated Cutting 
  • Epipremnum Hanoman Bali Cutting 
  • Alocasia Frydek Variegata (small)

Good luck! A limited number only. Please note the mystery  boxes will be posted at the end of September at the latest.


Mystery Box

  • 1 000 kr
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