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An unrooted top (rooting now) with two extra growths. Original clone cutting from Ree Gardens.

Anthurium Delta Force is a hybrid that dates back to the nineties, created by Steve Nock of Ree Gardens in Miami, Florida. A. 'Delta Force'is a select seedling from from the cross A. clarinervium x A. pedatoradiatum. The cross resulted in a number of seedlings, but only Delta Force had the unique deltoid (triangular) leaf with a distinctly narrow leaf tip. Such a hybrid has not been recreated through seed, even by Steve Nock himself after subsequent crossings of A. clarinervium and A. pedatoradiatum

A. 'Delta Force' can only be reproduced by clonal propagation through cuttings, which is a very long process for slow growing velvet anthuriums.


Anthurium Delta Force Clone Top

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